James Straffon: Chroma - And the Defining Moment

James Straffon’s stunning Chroma series is based on the iconic images of legendary sports photographer Gerry Cranham. Across twenty-one exquisite compositions, Straffon reinterprets the ideology of the father of modern photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson and his study into “the decisive moment”.

Straffon: “Each diptych presents an apparent presentation of ‘real colour’. In isolating a piece from the varicoloured neighbours in a jigsaw, the precise chroma of any given item buzzes with electricity. This questions the way in which we see the world - in that a red jacket can appear very different, if seen against a backdrop of green grass, to when the landscape recedes with greyness. Our eye and brain form an interpretation of what we see. Yet the selected colour of each separate item is in fact inaccurate. Colour truth evades us. The defining moment is a mere memory.”

Selected works from the Chroma collection were exhibited at RedHouse Originals Gallery, Harrogate in October - November 2015 with prints available to view and purchase in small limited editions, with each signed and numbered by James Straffon. 

For further details please visit redhouseoriginals.com.

Gerry Cranham originals supported by Offside Sports Photography. Chroma © James Straffon 2015.