Franco Baresi: Football’s greatest Libero

Franco Baresi insists Franz Beckenbauer is the greatest libero (sweeper) of all time, but the generation who grew up on James Richardson's Gazzetta Football Italia, may beg to differ.

Last Man Projects are in the Jamie Carragher camp on the question of who was football's finest no.6: "He made a mockery of the idea you have to be big, strong and quick to be a great defender. He didn’t rely on size or power, but was a brilliant organiser and what he lacked for in pace, he made up for with organisational skills. The way he read a game would keep him one step ahead of the opposition. He was fantastic on the ball and would start AC Milan’s attacks by surging out of defence. Brilliant."

Which is why we were delighted to work with Azzurri Sports Management and The Studio of Ezra to create artwork celebrating the man, the legend: Franco Baresi.

Azzurri Sports Management recently announced the arrival of AC Milan Soccer Camps in the UK and the project was unveiled in person by Signor Baresi. A series of soccer schools and clinics will be held across the North East of England with coaches from AC Milan sharing their skills and expertise, offering a first hand insight into the ethos and values of one of Europe’s most revered football clubs. For further details please click here

Last Man Projects and The Studio of Ezra were delighted to donate the exclusive ‘Franco Baresi - Libero’ artwork, which will be auctioned this summer in aid of North East Hearts with Goals; a fantastic charity that looks to place lifesaving defibrillators throughout the region. The artwork, counter-signed by Baresi and the artist, will feature as part of a fundraising event in Newcastle.

Keep checking the site for details on how to get involved and place a bid for this sensational piece. Golazo!