Classic Cosmos

On the field: Pele, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer and Giorgio Chinaglia.

In the stands: Mick Jagger, Steven Spielberg, Robert Redford, Henry Kissinger, Andy Warhol and Muhammad Ali.

In the clubs: All of the above.

The worlds of show business and sport often make for uneasy bedfellows but for a halcyon period, from the mid-to-late seventies, New York City played host to the coolest club the world had ever seen. Studio 54 wasn't bad, but New York Cosmos was where the party was really at.

Cosmos chief Steve Ross, owner of Warner Communications and the quintessential 'media mogul', possessed some of the deepest pockets in sport and when he set about selling 'Soccer' to the Americans he did so with a trademark enthusiasm that proved infectious.

Pele was lured out of retirement in 1975 to don a Cosmos strip designed by Ralph Lauren (it was fabulous to be fair, darling) and with fame magnet Warhol in tow, a regular VIP table was proffered at Studio 54 as the party began in earnest.

The story of Cosmos is explored by The Studio of Ezra, courtesy of a series of works that raise a glass to one of sport's most decadent and engaging tales.

Further details to follow...